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HUD Site Review in the new year-Is it a worth or a waste?


Launched in 2015, the HUD dating app is one of the most popular casual dating options on the market. In 2016, it was within the top 20 most downloaded apps on the lifestyle market.

We're not surprised by this. Because they have a really fun approach to casual dating. It makes you wonder why other apps haven't changed things to match!

However, HUD is often overtaken in the casual dating market by other long-standing apps in the rank list. We wanted to find out why. So, we jumped into the world of HUD app users. Find out what people like, what they hate, and whether it's worth downloading.

Pros and cons of HUD dating app

-Available for Apple and Android.
-Dating is casual, but not dirty.
-There are a few fake profiles.
-You can scroll through all your matches at once.

-You have to pay to use any of the app's features.
-Lack of automatic filtering when it comes to illegal photos.
-Filtering options are sometimes a bit odd (more on this below).

Best HUD app alternatives - is Hookup Dating right for me?
When looking for alternatives to HUD apps, it's important to determine your goals. HUD dating apps are legitimate for casual dating and hookups. If your goal is to find a lasting and meaningful relationship, you're better off looking at something like eHarmony. But maybe that's not you yet? Maybe this sounds more like you…

Right now, you're looking to have some fun. You're looking to make some memories. If you've found love, that's great! But if not, you're your person, with your own life. Honestly, maybe you just want unconditional sex? Sounds about right? Check out some of the other top no-commitment dating apps below.

The bottom line upfront

Boy oh boy, reviewing HUD apps puts us on an emotional roller coaster.

We love many of the features of HUD. It changes the gross feeling that comes with hookup apps. It makes it feel more focused on fun and connection. However, there are some design features that we simply don't understand.

HUD has received criticism in the past about its lack of inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. They have taken this to heart and adjusted their filtering options. However, even after touting the mantra of inclusivity. They still have the race filter feature for searches.

We also didn't like how restrictive the free version of the app was. It only lets you look around, but you can't use any of the basic features.

This makes it hard for us to say whether we think HUD is worth it. After weighing everything together, we think HUD is worth paying for. It's worth it for those who want to pay for some extra features for a casual dating app. However, if you want a free dating app, there are plenty of those available as well.

Who HUD app is for

Anyone looking for a higher quality hookup app.
Those who are willing to pay more for better, more useful features.
Those who prefer to see all their matches together rather than endlessly swiping.
Anyone who wants to take a break from old-fashioned hookup apps like Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

Who HUD app may not for

Those who love using free apps for casual dating.
Singles who are looking for long-term romance rather than hookups and casual dating.
Older singles as most of its user base are under 35 years old.

Quality of singles on HUD

The quality of singles on the HUD app is much higher than on similar sites. This is thanks to the lack of a fully functional and free membership level. Spam accounts and giants may exist. But they usually don't want to pay membership fees, so they can't send messages to anyone.

Our main issue with the overall singles pool quality is that it is smaller than other casual dating apps. It works well for singles in big cities. But those in rural areas may have limited matching options. Especially if they are hard on the search filters.

How to register with HUD

Registration on HUD is done through your mobile phone, Google account, Apple ID, or Facebook. Whichever method you choose. You will still need to confirm your phone number, provide your name, birthday, and gender identity. You must then upload at least one photo to finalize your profile.


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