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Is Hinge The Best Dating App For Relationship?

You're reading a hinge app review, so you might find the idea of a non-curveball dating app appealing. Hinge app's format does not take Tinder's approach of quantity over quality, but allows users to focus on a small amount of data at a time. If you're looking for a serious relationship, Hinge may be the app for you. The app is designed specifically for millennials looking for long term relationships, not casual dating or just hooking up. This article has everything you need to know about using the Hinge dating app!


Users show interest by "liking" or commenting on stories or photos in their profiles. This is a lower investment of time than other apps that have to send icebreaker messages. So girls are more likely to initiate conversations with you. Also hinge dating surveyed its users and found that 70 percent wanted a "relationship-oriented application.". 45% are looking for serious dating relationships.

This means that women are generally serious about getting to know someone and are less likely to dump you. And, you can change your position in the preferences section. Next, conversations and matches never expire. Plus, hinge's "date at home" feature makes it easy to move from messaging to video or phone calls. Finally, match group is one of the biggest and most trusted names for online dating.


Unless you upgrade to full membership, you will only be able to interact with your daily suggested match. Free users get only 10 likes a day. And that's only if you upload all six photos. If you have what the app calls incomplete personal information, you can't send a like at all. Free users get only 10 matches a day. So it can be frustrating if you don't find someone you're really interested in. Unlimited browsing requires a full membership.

Your "free" filter options are limited to basic factors such as gender, age, location, race and religion. And to access these options, you have to complete your profile. Users you've skipped before can reappear in your feed in case you want to reconsider.


There's no option for the Hinge dating site, so you'll need to download the Hinge app. You can then create an account with your phone number or log in from your Facebook account. If you allow access, Hinge will try to match you with mutual friends, as well as local singles who meet your criteria. However, if you intend to register through Facebook, Hinge requires you to have at least 60 Facebook friends to verify that you are legit.

The information that Hinge displays about you is divided into three parts. Virtue, vitality, and vice. Select each of your answers and choose whether the answer is visible or always hidden. You will also be asked to answer three "prompts" of up to 150 words that will appear in your profile. More than 80 tips include things like "my ideal sick leave", "my most embarrassing Spotify song", "two truths and a lie", "the most spontaneous thing I've ever done", and "I'm actually legally bad". Every few months or so, the selection of prompts changes slightly.


Adding captions to a few of your photos can start a great conversation, so be creative! You can choose from more than 40 photo tips. You can also choose from a list of more than 40 photo tips, such as "my photo" and "don't show this to my mom". To add a title or tip to the Hinge photo, simply click on the image and choose choose tip to access the prewritten title menu, or write your own title. Since users get only a few matches a day, your photos are likely to be scrutinized. Draw people into your lifestyle and let them get to know you in a curious way.

Here's the point. Show your Alpha Side: You're the one toasting, making big moves on the court, or partying in life. Throw in an interesting travel photo for your hinge profile. She'll imagine what her life would be like with you, so let her know she'll be taking some exotic vacations.And, let Her catch a glimpse of your rich, fulfilling life. You take pictures of your favorite hobby to let her know you're not a couch potato. Also, use a series of photos, including close ups, full body shots, action shots, the one where you're fully dressed, and so on.


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